August 11, 2023

Stonehill Provides Peebles Corp. $23.75M Construction Loan for North Carolina Debut

By Brian Pascus

The Peebles Corporation has now entered Carolinas country.

Don Peebles’ eponymous real estate firm has secured $23.75 million in construction and acquisition financing to build the first phase of a 3 million-square-foot, mixed-use urban complex in the Uptown neighborhood of Charlotte, N.C., Commercial Observer has learned.

Stonehill Strategic Capital provided the financing, while Ackman-Ziff negotiated the debt.  Further terms of the loan were not disclosed.

The Peebles Corporation is working with Charlotte-based developer Conformity Corporation on the project, which is expected to create an “urban village” of mixed-income housing, office space, hotel rooms and ground-level retail in an Uptown neighborhood that was once a thriving area for Black business development, prior to 20th century gentrification and displacement.

“It’s a historically Black neighborhood that was demolished as a consequence of urban renewal,” explained Donahue Peebles III, executive vice president of The Peebles Corporation: the largest Black-owned real estate firm in the nation.

“There’s a message here of a minority-owned firm leading the development of a neighborhood whose demolition socially and economically disenfranchised numerous folks,” he added. “We’re going to deliver a project that the city and its citizens can stand behind and be proud of.”

Monte Richey, president of Conformity Corporation, echoed these points.

“On land that hasn’t seen private investment in over 50 years, Conformity Corp. and Peebles will create a vibrant future for the Second Ward through its Brooklyn Village development activities,” Richey said in a statement.

The Peebles Corporation bought the first six acres of a planned 18-acre site from Mecklenburg County, which previously used the space to house a municipal parking lot and office building. The Peebles Corporation plans to demolish these public sites and create a 550-unit multifamily complex on the first six acres, before buying up the remaining land and adding the hospitality, office and retail components.

“The objective from there is to build as densely as possible, and to make sure we’re delivering on the attendant policies and benefits that the city and county are expecting,” Peebles III said. “Ultimately, it should set the stage for large-scale, public-private partnerships in the region.”

Peebles III told CO that this is The Peebles Corporation’s first foray into the Carolinas, but the firm identified the site seven years ago and was attracted by the Wake Forest University education system as well as the sprawling healthcare network and thriving banking sector of the Charlotte region — home to Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

“Charlotte has incredible fundamentals — it’s an extraordinarily business-friendly state, temperate from a climate standpoint, and the cost of living is low compared to competing [metropolitan statistical areas],” Peebles III said. “From 2016 to today, we’ve seen Charlotte explode, and it’s done so in a way that’s maintained mobility and affordability, and ultimately developed on its promise.”

Brooklyn Village’s residential component will include market-rate rental apartments and affordable rental units, as well as for-sale condos. The second phase of the larger project will include the construction of an office tower and hotel along Brooklyn Village Avenue to connect Midtown Charlotte with Uptown Charlotte and create a park surrounded by retail shops and stores.

“I think that live-work-play environments are the future of development,” said Peebles III. “You want 18 hour-a-day streetscapes, you want folks there before, during and after work hours, and you want to co-locate mixed-income multifamily with hospitality and office to create an urban environment that brings high quality of life at affordable prices.”

Peebles III said that one in 10 units in the multifamily component of the project will be designated affordable.

The Peebles Corporation was founded in 1983 by R. Donahue Peebles and has offices in New York City, Miami and Washington, D.C. The firm has a national portfolio of more than 10 million square feet and $8 billion worth of property, including the proposed Angels Landing project in Downtown Los Angeles — a 1.2 million-square-foot mixed-use complex of two hotels, condominium, rental units and retail space.

Credit: Commercial Observer

June 12, 2023

Don Peebles Discusses How Far Black Real Estate Development Has Come

By Brian Pascus

Don Peebles is arguably the most successful Black real estate developer in the United States. For more than 30 years, Peebles has made his mark across America: first in Washington, D.C, through office building development, then in Miami with a number of luxury hotels and condos. Today, he’s looking to build transformational, multibillion-dollar, mixed-use real estate projects in both Los Angeles and New York City with Angels Landing and Affirmation Tower, respectively.

Peebles is also a founding member of the New York Real Estate Chamber

, an organization devoted to addressing issues faced by New York City’s minority business community. During the organization’s 10th anniversary celebration on June 9, Peebles took time to speak with Commercial Observer, shortly after U.S. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul addressed the group at the Harvard Club in Midtown Manhattan.

Commercial Observer: You’re arguably the most prominent real estate developer in the building today, so let me ask you: What has the New York Real Estate Chamber meant to you as a businessman?

Don Peebles: Well, I think first of all, what NYREC means to me is you have a diverse group of developers, women and people of color working together to expand the horizon of opportunities for all of us, sharing best practices and experiences and notes, and having someone you can bounce things off. If you look at our industry, it’s heavily under-represented in terms of diversity, and this organization is helping change that quite a bit.

And it’s addressing the needs of the overall community. The pillars of our democracy rest on capitalism, and, in order for democracy to endure, capitalism has to endure, and capitalism can’t endure if it’s inequitable. So it has to be fair, and I mean not fair on outcome, but fair on opportunity.

In your eyes, how has local politics impacted commercial real estate development? 

We’re seeing the politics change in New York City and New York state. The politics have changed dramatically. If you look at the leaders of the state, they’re either people of color, or women, or both, and so now the economic environment will follow that. Politics normally leads the way and the economic environment will follow. So I’m a big believer that economic opportunity ought to reflect the diversity of a population’s demographic, and politics ought to lead the way for it. So the New York Real Estate Chamber is about us all working together to make our industry better and help provide housing that’s sorely needed and other jobs and economic opportunity.

I believe REBNY [the Real Estate Board of New York] and the industry as a whole has had such significant resistance in the New York State Legislature and the City Council because of a lack of diversity, because many of these members in the Assembly and the Senate or in the City Council, their populations, their constituents are diverse, and they don’t see the economic benefit of our industry that does more than just provide housing or office space or hotels — it’s jobs.

Today’s the 10th anniversary of the New York Real Estate Chamber. How have you seen it grow and develop in your time?

I’m a founding board member. When I first started doing development business in New York, this organization was in the embryonic stages of being founded, and I joined it because of what it stood for and what was needed. And, at that point, I think I was on the Board of Governors of REBNY, as well. So we had our quarterly meetings for NYREC in the conference room of (law firm) ArentFox, and I think on our first anniversary a new candidate who was leaving the state government to run for Congress came to speak to us, and that was Hakeem Jeffies. We were a small organization, but still, future leaders like Hakeem saw fit to engage with us.

As our organization has grown, we’ve grown in terms of membership and influence within the political spectrum, and just like Hakeem Jeffries has grown from candidate to congressman to Democratic leader, our organization has had a similar trajectory. So I think you’ll see the New York Real Estate Chamber will be consulted and be more engaged in the political and regulatory process that shapes our industry.

As a businessman who has a national footprint, but also has done many deals in New York City, is it different to conduct business in this city and in this state? 

I think some places are much more hospitable than others. I think as a Black developer, Atlanta is extremely hospitable. Washington, D.C., my hometown, has always been that way. If you look at one of the more difficult places to do business, it would be Los Angeles. I would think from a transactional and regulatory environment, up till COVID, New York City was the most efficient. It changed after [former mayor] Mike Bloomberg left office, and you saw more headwinds in terms of just going through and doing business as a real estate developer.

It became more difficult and the regulatory oversight expanded into areas like special permits for hotels with 200 rooms. So New York changed — it was the epicenter of entrepreneurship — and part of why the regulatory environment changed was a lack of inclusion. The most business-friendly environment — up till COVID — for real estate was New York City. But it lacked diversity. And, so, you had, in terms of women and minority developers and investors, there were very few of us. And a big part of that was the lack of access to capital, because capital is allocated based on relationships, and so people use their personal relationships and long history as allocators to continue to grow their business, and so that was the biggest impediment.

There’s a lot of young real estate professionals in this room. What’s the best advice you’d give young, Black real estate professionals to make their way in the industry?

Great question. I think one of the important contributions that NYREC makes is to provide a vehicle for those young, early in their career, emerging developers of color or aspiring developers of color, to give information and access. My advice is never expect it to be easy — because it won’t be. But you want to be a student of the business and understand the business and understand the sector you want to go into.

Our company has always grown when we’re doing business in more challenging environments such as recessions, or pullbacks, because then it’s harder to do deals, and when it’s harder to do deals there’s fewer done and there’s great opportunity. The key is being a student of the business, not expecting it to be easy, and not quitting. And once you have made a commitment to a project, figure out the solutions, because it’s going to have lots of bumps in the road.

Just like anything else, if you want to be good at anything — businesses, education, music, journalism, writing — you have to be a student of it and you have to be committed to it. And if you don’t love this business, you shouldn’t do it because it’s a business of headaches, lots of headaches, lots of problems, lots of risk. You have to really kind of love it, and part of why I’ve had some success is I actually like the business.

What would you tell young people in the industry who are growing more concerned about equity and fairness?

I’d tell them business is a place to bring about change because we can use capitalism as tools of transformation. We can use the real estate business as tools of transformation because how we do business can have a major impact. Our company is committed to at least 35 percent of all our contacts going to women and minority firms round the country — that is a vehicle of transformation.

Also, as business people, we expect excellence because we can’t stay in business without it. So I don’t think we do diversity for the sake of diversity, but we look at things with a wider lens. People should look when they go into this business to use it as a tool for transformation.

Where do you want to see NYREC 10 years from now, at the 20th anniversary celebration? 

I would like to see the conversation different, meaning we have gotten to a place where everyone is getting essentially fair access to capital, fair access to opportunity, so it’s a discussion about how the industry can make our society better, how NYREC can make New York City better, how can we provide opportunities and engage and expand the universe of talent that comes to the industry.

I’d like the conversation to be about how all of us have put more back into the community — started schools, provided scholarships, fully engaged in things successful businesses do, which is to invest in their community. But I would hope we would have turned the page in terms of economic inclusion.

Credit: Commercial Observer

April 5, 2023

Marta Selects Group Of Black-owned Companies For Bankhead Station Redevelopment

By Derek Major

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has tapped a group of Black-owned companies for the redevelopment of Bankhead Station, the last stop on MARTA’s Green Line.

The New York-based Peebles Corporation, Exact Capital, and Bolster Real Estate Partners, based in Bankhead, will transform the station into a mixed-use development. The new complex will include 495 multi-family housing units, a hotel, offices, retail, and workshare space.

According to Peebles Corporation Executive Vice President Donahue Peebles III, Atlanta has been a location they’ve been looking at and are excited about the project.

“We’re excited to do this with MARTA, we’re trying to do more with MARTA and hopefully, this is the first of a number of projects we’re doing,” said Peebles III. “Atlanta has been a target market for us for a long time, it’s a pro-business pro-Black city that’s been growing significantly and we’ve pursued a number of different Avenues to enter the marketplace.”

Peebles added that in addition to the apartments, office space, and hotel, the Bankhead Station redevelopment will also include an increase in parking spaces and more than an acre of green space for residents to relax and play on. Peebles also added that more than 140 apartments will be priced at affordable rates for middle-income earners.

The MARTA redevelopment will revolutionize the Bankhead Station from an empty station after work hours into a vibrant and active community that relies on public transportation and hyper-local entertainment.

“This is a transformational project in a number of ways,” Peebles told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “The first is that we’re able to create real cultural vibrancy on site and have people there in a live, work, play environment so that there are no dead times like the downtowns in some cities where outside of the nine to five there’s not a soul on the streets, which is certainly something the city of Atlantic can benefit from as public transportation becomes more and more the preferred mode of transportation as the population grows and traveling infrastructure struggles to keep up.”

Peebles added it’s too soon to determine a construction timeline for the space. However, other companies are announcing plans in the area. Microsoft announced plans to build a campus in Grove Park, less than two miles from Bankhead.

Peebles Corporation Chairman and CEO Don Peebles, who is also involved in the Affirmation Tower Project in New York City and the Angel’s Landing skyscraper in Los Angeles, told BLACK ENTERPRISE that Black economic empowerment is driving new development and construction in the South.

“We’ve been looking at Atlanta for decades, since the early 1990s and we’re going to focus much more on Atlanta and other areas in the south because I think when it comes to Black economic empowerment they’re more progressive than the so-called progressive cities like New York City,” said Peebles. “So we’re really excited to be there.”

MARTA began taking bids for the station redevelopments early last year and is currently soliciting bids for additional redevelopments at Midtown’s Arts Center Station and a multi-phase development at Edgewood/Candler Park Station.


Credit: Black Enterprise 

February 23, 2023

Real estate mogul Don Peebles talks about building wealth on ‘Masters of the Game’

By Toure

This week on “Masters of the Game,” it was my honor and privilege to interview one of the true GOATs — Don Peebles. If you watch no other episode of the show, it’s gotta be this one. Peebles has created the Peebles Corporation, one of the largest Black-owned real estate companies in America. He’s an important developer in New York City, Miami and other cities. He’s a billionaire. He’s fought his way through the racism of the real estate industry with a unique strategy that’s led to his wealth.

Each month on “Masters of the Game” on theGrioTV, we talk to some brilliant, successful Black people about their career and their journey and how they “made it.” We’ve talked to performers like Debbie Allen, athletes like tennis star France Tiafoe, and comedians like Kenan Thompson, but Peebles is the first businessman we’ve had on the show, and his advice could change your life. I was excited to talk to him because I aspire to become a real estate investor. That’s how you build lasting wealth that you can pass on to future generations — by owning valuable real estate. But it’s an intimidating world to enter. How do you start? How do you keep from making mistakes? So Peebles was incredibly inspiring. He has spent his life working in real estate and everything he said about his business was an important opportunity to learn.

Peebles was tall and smooth, as cool as any of the entertainers we’ve had on the show. He’s charismatic and charming, which, of course, is important in networking and building a career. People are more likely to work with people they like. Peebles noted the racism that’s common in real estate but said he’s crafted a strategy that would let him circumvent some of that — instead of working with private individuals who may discriminate against him or shut him out of deals, he preferred to work with the local city government because they tend to have properties that they need to sell. Peebles explained that cities don’t want to be in the position of being a developer. They would much rather private citizens and banks deal with that level of debt and risk. So, from time to time, cities must sell some of their buildings, and many times doing business with minority-owned firms means added benefits for the city. In that way, Peebles gets a chance to buy valuable properties that need work. He develops them and creates elegant living spaces. We did our interview in an apartment inside one of his buildings in downtown Manhattan, and it was a gorgeous place to live.

This is a really important “Masters of the Game” because no matter how old or athletic you are, Peebles can show you how to move upward economically. He started small in the real estate industry and slowly moved up, learning everything he could. Now, with economic power, he can bring his vision of the world into reality. For Black people to reach true liberation we have to close the racial wealth gap and one way of approaching that is to create thousands of Black homeowners and landlords. If we gain power in the real estate industry, we gain a foothold on real power in this country. Listen to the master of real estate, Don Peebles, as the first step in that critical journey. My “Masters of the Game” interview with Don Peebles premieres on Friday at 9 p.m. ET on TheGrioTV.

Credit: TheGrio

November 10, 2022

TheGrio Awards, The Business Icon: Don Peebles

By Janelle Harris Dixon

Don Peebles is serious about making the elite entrepreneurial circles he occupies more melanated. Before “diversity” and “inclusion” were buzzwords, he coined (and trademarked) his own phrase, “affirmative development,” to describe how his company and its projects create economic opportunities for women and minorities. That’s particularly impactful because Peebles — a Washington, D.C., native appointed to his first government position by legendary Mayor Marion Barry — is founder, CEO and president of the Peebles Corporation, a Black-owned real estate development firm with an $8 billion portfolio.

Last year, the mogul announced plans to construct Affirmation Tower, the first skyscraper in New York City built by a majority Black-led team. Once completed, it will be the second tallest building in the Western hemisphere, towering 1,663 feet and devouring 1.2 acres of Manhattan’s prime West Side real estate. The proposal for it stalled, a move Peebles says is racially motivated, but he remains undeterred.

Since building Miami’s Royal Palm Resort, the nation’s first major hotel developed and owned by an African-American, Don Peebles has formalized his corporation as a leader in property developments in D.C., Philadelphia and Los Angeles—including Angels Landing, a $2 billion luxury hotel project that will reportedly create more than 8,300 jobs in America’s second-largest city. He wants more people who look like him to join him in that rarified strata of success.

Credit: TheGrio

October 17, 2022

Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group Announces Inaugural ‘the Grio Awards’ Celebrating Icons, Leaders And Legends

By Allen Media Group

Honorees Include: Tyler Perry, Norman Lear, Patti LaBelle, Kenan Thompson, Ben Crump, Alena Analeigh McQuarter, Robert F. Smith, Allyson Felix, Don Peebles, Queen Latifah, Dave Chappelle, and Jennifer Hudson 

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Allen Media Group's African American-focused news, lifestyle, sports and entertainment platform theGrio ( will celebrate icons, leaders and legends at TheGrio Awards, a star-studded, black-tie event at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, October 22, 2022 with co-hosts comedian Sheryl Underwoodand Taye Diggs. The television event will be broadcast on Saturday, November 5, 2022 on broadcast television stations nationwide, theGrio Television Network and other Allen Media Group television and digital platforms.

Attending in person, this year's honorees include: Tyler Perry (theGrio ICON Award, @tylerperry), Norman Lear (theGrio Champion Award, @TheNormanLear), Patti LaBelle (theGrio Music Icon Award, @mspattipatti), Kenan Thompson (theGrio Comedy Icon Award, @kenanthompson), Ben Crump (theGrio Justice Icon Award, @AttorneyCrump), Alena Analeigh McQuarter (theGrio Young Icon Award, @thebrownstemgirl), Robert F. Smith (theGrio Philanthropy Award, @RFS_Vista), Allyson Felix (theGrio Sports Icon Award, @allysonfelix), Don Peebles (theGrio Business Icon Award, Queen Latifah (theGrio Television Icon Award, @iamqueenlatifah), Dave Chappelle (theGrio Cultural Icon Award, @davechappelle), and Jennifer Hudson (theGrio Trailblazer Icon Award, @IAMJHUD). The event will also feature special musical performances by Yolanda Adams, Tyrese, Fantasia and Patti LaBelle. Greg Phillinganes will serve as musical director, and DJ Kiss will serve as both D.J. and announcer.

"I created theGrio Awards to celebrate and amplify African-American excellence and the incredible champions from other communities who truly support us," said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. "As a child, strong, positive African-American icons such as Berry Gordy, Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King, Jr. helped me see myself differently, and changed the trajectory of my life. Celebrating and amplifying iconic individuals is something we can never do enough of, especially for our children."

TheGrio Awards celebrates excellence in film, music, comedy, television, sports, philanthropy, business, fashion, social justice, environmental justice, education and the cultural icons and innovators, whose many contributions positively impact America. TheGrio Awards pays tribute to, and amplifies, the history makers, change agents and artists who define and influence our world. Allen Media Group and Backhand Productions are co-producing theGrio Awards. Executive Producers include: Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Jeff Atlas, and Michelle Willrich.

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Credit: Cision

October 13, 2022

Marta Awards Developer Joint Venture For Mixed-income Housing Transit-oriented Development At Bankhead Station

By Marta

ATLANTA – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Board of Directors today approved a resolution authorizing MARTA to enter into negotiations with a development joint venture for the transit-oriented development (TOD) of the Bankhead rail station, the western terminus of the Green Line. The joint venture is led by the Peebles Corporation, one of the largest minority-owned real estate development firms in the country, with a deep track record of public private partnerships, and includes co-developer Exact Capital out of New York and local firms Third & Urban and Bolster Real Estate Partners.

The Bankhead TOD is located on just under five-and-a-half acres of land, along with air-rights above the station itself, which sits at 1335 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. The rail station is adjacent to the Microsoft proposed 90-acre campus development and is a half-mile southeast of Westside Park. Other nearby development includes the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail and the Proctor Creek Greenway in the historic Grove Park community.

The development plan includes 495 multi-family housing units, with 148 of them designated as affordable at 80 to 120 percent of the area median income by zip code. The concept also includes office and workshare space,

retail and a hotel, along with over an acre of open space. To further support the type of mixed-use density that defines successful TODs, MARTA, with support from Atlanta City Councilmember Dustin Hillis, had the station rezoned to Mixed Residential Commercial District 3 (MRC-3), to align with the zoning applied to the Microsoft property and the zoning presented in the City of Atlanta’s Transit-Oriented Development Plan, which recommends that nine of MARTA’s rail stations undergo a proactive rezoning to support higher density at transit stations.

“Bankhead Station is in a part of Atlanta that is undergoing significant growth and land use changes. Our rezoning efforts with the City and the station’s location within a Federal Opportunity Zone make this TOD an incredible opportunity to provide affordable housing and other community amenities convenient to transit,” said MARTA Interim General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood.

The Bankhead Station transformation project is part of MARTA 2040, a decades-long several billion-dollar transit improvement and expansion program. The project includes a platform extension from two-car to eight-car capacity (matching the capacity of the other 37 rail stations), and other modifications necessary to accommodate the subsequent increase in rail cars and customers. Last year the Georgia General Assembly approved a $6 million appropriation toward the transformation of Bankhead Station, in support of the economic development taking place in surrounding areas.

Credit: Marta

October 5, 2022

Haute 100 Returns: Introducing The 2022 Haute 100 Miami List

By Adrienne Faurote

The city of Miami is on fire and evolving like never before. Our annual Haute 100 list makes a triumphant return, celebrating the most influential names in Miami – including philanthropists, entrepreneurs, power couples, developers, creatives, athletes, hospitality power players, and more.

 JR & Loren Ridinger 

This year’s Haute 100 is a tribute to the late JR Ridinger.

On August 30, 2022, JR Ridinger, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, and dear friend of Haute Living, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, leaving a tremendous legacy for his wife Loren, their family, staff, and thousands of UnFranchise® Owners around the world to continue. As a mentor and inspiration to all around him, JR impacted every life he touched.

Loren and JR Ridinger had recently celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary — a major milestone. A global digital marketing company and product brokerage specializing in one-to-one marketing, Market America’s mission is to provide a robust business system for entrepreneurs while providing consumers with a better way to shop; it has generated more than $10 billion in accumulated retail sales. Through the company’s primary shopping website, SHOP.COM, consumers can access more than 60 million products and the revolutionary Shopping Annuity® program that helps smart shoppers convert their existing spending into earnings.

With sites around the world and top rankings and numerous awards from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, Newsweek magazine, Digital Commerce 360, and Business North Carolina magazine, Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is a proven leader in its industry and will keep advancing JR’s dream of helping regular people improve their lives.


Jimmy Butler


Basketball legend Jimmy Butler joined the Miami Heat in 2019 and has put the magic back into the Magic City. Butler has garnered an impressive list of achievements, including 6-time NBA All-Star, 5-time All-Defensive Team selection, 4-time All-NBA Team honoree, a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal, and is the recipient of the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. Regarded as one of the hardest working, most interesting self-made players in the entire NBA, Butler has amassed over seven million loyal followers on Instagram. Off the court, Butler launched a new culture-shifting coffee and lifestyle brand, BIGFACE, that aims to connect, inspire, and revive the world through coffee. He is also a brand ambassador for Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer.

David Beckham


David Beckham OBE is one of England’s most successful footballers, with his football career spanning over two decades. Since retirement, Beckham has established himself as a businessman and entrepreneur. In 2019, Beckham founded Studio 99, a global production and content studio focusing on unscripted films, series, and format development across platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, among others. Beckham fulfilled a lifelong ambition to be an owner of a football club when his group was awarded the MLS franchise for the city of Miami; thus, Inter Miami CF was announced and began playing in 2020. Beckham is a Goodwill Ambassador with UNICEF, where he launched the ground-breaking initiative 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to protect millions of children worldwide from danger.

Udonis Haslem

Born and raised in Miami, Udonis Haslem (UD) is a professional basketball player, father, husband, businessman, and philanthropist. At 42 years old, the three-time NBA Champion and Co-Team Captain of the Miami Heat is now the oldest active player in the league. UD’s entire 19-year NBA run to date has been with the Miami Heat, making him a beacon in the city of Miami. Off the court, UD founded the Udonis Haslem’s Children’s Foundation with the mission to promote youth development and self-confidence through a variety of different programs and services. This year, UD is proud to return to the Miami Heat for his 20th and final season in the NBA.

Tyler Herro 

Known for his unapologetic confidence and sharp shooting abilities, Tyler Herro is by far one of the most exciting rising players to watch. In fact, he recently signed a staggering four-year, $130 million contract extension with the Miami Heat, further solidifying his unparalleled skill and commitment to the team. As the reigning Sixth Man of the Year for his career highs in points per game, field goal percentage, three-point percentage, and assists per game during the 2021-22 season, Herro is expected to return this season in full force. Tyler’s foundation, T.Herro, is dedicated to inspiring and improving the lives of the Herro’s of tomorrow, by helping at-risk kids fulfill their potential through sports, the arts, and holistic wellness programs.

Tyreek Hill


Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, also known as “Cheetah” due to his incredible speed, has grown to become one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League. In 2022, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins, where he has immediately taken on a leadership role within the team. In the early stages of his NFL career, Hill established the Tyreek Hill Family Foundation to empower kids through education and wellness, and as a proud father of four, he mentors his children just the same. Through the Cheetah Scholarship Fund, free football camps, fundraising events, and more, the Tyreek Hill Family Foundation helps at-risk youth reach their goals.

Derek Jeter


Considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Derek Jeter’s time as an athlete with the New York Yankees will remain cherished and admired. This September, Jeter stepped back on the mound for thelong-awaited celebration to honor his entrance into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. He holds the prestigious honors of 14 All-Star selections, five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, two Hank Aaron Awards, and a Roberto Clemente Award, and the Yankees retired his No. 2 jersey in 2017 to pay tribute to his legacy. To give back, Jeter created the Turn 2 Foundation, a charitable organization to help children and teenagers avoid drug and alcohol addiction.

Jamal Mashburn

Most notably known for his success on the basketball court and his career spanning over 20 years, NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburn has evolved beyond the court. Since retiring from basketball, Mashburn has worked for ESPN as an analyst and launched several successful business ventures. To date, Mashburn has ownership interest in numerous restaurant franchises, car dealerships, real estate ventures, and even the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Extremely civic-minded, Mashburn is committed to helping others and giving back to the community. He is a founding member, officer, and director of The MAP Foundation and Mashburn Family Foundation, both of which are non-profit 501(c)(3) corporations.

Alex Rodriguez 


While best known as a 14x MLB All-Star and 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees for more than 25 years, Alex Rodriguez is also the Chairman and CEO of A-Rod Corp, a broad-based investment firm that bets on world-class startups. Within the organization, Rodriguez created the strategic media pillar A-Rod Media. Rodriguez is an Emmy Award-winning MLB analyst for Fox Sports and ESPN, and currently co-hosts the podcast The Corp with Barstool Sports’ Dan Katz. Rodriguez serves on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, where he is an Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree.


Romero Britto


Romero Britto is the founder of the Happy Art Movement and an internationally renowned artist who has created the universal visual language of happiness. Britto is one of the most celebrated living visual artists with his work having been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums in over 120 countries, including the Carrousel Du Louvre and Museu Nacional de Belas Arte. He has collaborated with some of the world’s largest companies, including the opening of the Super Bowl XLI with the Cirque Du Soleil, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and more. Considered the most licensed artist in history, Britto is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum and is an activist for more than 250 charitable organizations.

Gary Nader


For more than 40 years, Gary Nader has played an integral role in Miami’s presence in the art industry. As a leading Latin-American art expert, Nader has successfully disseminated information about Latin-American art, expanding the horizons for his artists and collectors. Nader is at the helm of the Gary Nader Art Centre, home to works and exhibitions by renowned artists like Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Matisse, Picasso, and more, spanning across Gary Nader Private Collection, the Exhibition Gallery, and the Sculpture Park. He is the founder of the Nader Art Museum Latin America (NAMLA), which showcases art and fosters knowledge through appreciation and reinterpretation of modern and contemporary art from Latin America and its diaspora.

Rubell Family


The Rubell family are leading collectors of contemporary art and the founders of the Rubell Museum in Miami, which relocated to the city’s Allapattah neighborhood in December 2019, and the Rubell Museum DC, opening in the nation’s capital this October. Art collecting has been in the family for decades, as Mera and Don Rubell began visiting artists’ studios and collecting art in New York in 1964, shortly after they were married. Their son, Jason Rubell, joined them in 1982 to help build the collection. Over the last several decades, the family has created exhibitions and developed museums to reflect the multi-generational family passion for discovering, engaging, and supporting many of today’s most compelling artists.

Kobi Karp


The designer paving the way for the present and future of Miami, Kobi Karp is the Founder and Principal of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, Inc., a full-service architectural and interior design firm providing an array of services from large-scale, high-rise condominium and hospitality projects to small-scale, low-rise residential projects. Karp began his career working on major hospitality and all-inclusive resort projects throughout the US. Today, his restoration design techniques have contributed to a renaissance in Miami Beach’s Art Deco District. Karp is a recognized American Institute of Architects member, with his firm recently being honored as Firm of The Year.


Nick Rivera Caminero (Nicky Jam)


Nick Rivera Caminero, also known as Nicky Jam, is a charting, award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known for hits such as “X,” “Travesuras,” “En la Cama,” “Te Busco,” “El Perdón,” “Hasta el Amanecer,” and “El Amante.” In 2018, he was named luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot’s first Latin Music Ambassador, and he traveled with the brand to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, Russia, performing “Live it Up” with rapper Will Smith and singer Era Istrefi. Nicky Jam has also acted in the films XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Bad Boys for Life, and starred in and executive produced the Netflix biographical series Nicky Jam: El Ganador.

Luis Fonsi


Luis Fonsi is an award-winning global artist and a leading Latin Music figure of his generation. Fonsi has topped charts with songs like “Aquí Estoy Yo,” which won Song of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards and three Billboard Latin Music Awards, and “Despacito.” In fact, “Despacito” is Fonsi’s biggest success to date, winning four Latin Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Latin Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and three Grammy Award nominations, and the music video is the one of most-watched on YouTube, garnering over 7 billion views. Fonsi continues to make waves in the industry; he has broken six Guinness World Records and has sold more than 11 million records with “Despacito.”

Karolina Kurkova & Archie Drury 


Karolina Kurkova, the renowned supermodel, has been featured on the covers of some of the biggest fashion publications in the world, as well as major fashion campaigns with luxury brands, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. Kurkova pivoted her successful modeling career into entrepreneurship as she is the co-founder of Gryph & IvyRose, a wellness and lifestyle brand that formulates natural herbal blends for children, and in 2019, she debuted a collaboration with Cybex that includes strollers, a car seat, and baby carrier. Kurkova is married to Voices of Iraq film producer, real estate investor, and entrepreneur Archie Drury. He is a former Marine and a founder of the nonprofit, Fisher Island Medical Clinic.



Legendary Queens rapper N.O.R.E has pivoted his music career, to become the Co-Founder and Co-Host of one of the largest urban podcasts, Drink Champs, alongside Miami hop-hop pioneer DJ EFN. N.O.R.E., formerly Noreaga, first rose to prominence as one half of the East Coast hip-hop duo Capone-N-Noreaga, alongside fellow Queens-based rapper Capone. N.O.R.E. has released music under various record labels, including Penalty, Roc-La-Familia, Def Jam, and Babygrande Records. In June 2011, it was announced N.O.R.E partnered with fellow rapper Busta Rhymes‘ Conglomerate label, where he released his 2013 album Student of the Game, issued under E1 Music. N.O.R.E. is also the CEO of his label imprint, Militainment Business.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a visionary recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He holds prestigious awards, like 2010’s Billboard’s Producer of the Decade, 13 Grammy Awards, and a 2017 Academy Award nomination. As a fashion designer, he started the apparel brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. Williams partnered with David Grutman to open Swan and Bar Bevy and The Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach. Philanthropy remains at the forefront of Williams’ priorities through his companies: YELLOW, a non-profit supporting youth education; Black Ambition, a non-profit initiative providing a bridge to success for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs; and Humanrace™, a company that empowers individuals in the pursuit of well-being.

Rick Ross


William Leonard Roberts II, known professionally as Rick Ross, is a famed rapper. After releasing his first single, “Hustlin,” in 2006, Ross signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Jay-Z at Def Jam Recordings. His debut album, Port of Miami, earned a top spot on the US Billboard 200 chart with record sales. Outside of his solo career, Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group in 2009, on which he released his eight studio albums, including his tenth album, Port of Miami 2, which was released in August 2019 and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts. Ross has also signed Meek Mill, Wale, and French Montana through the Maybach Music label.

Myles Shear


Myles Shear is the CEO and Co-Founder of Palm Tree Crew, which consists of Palm Tree Management, Palm Tree Records, and Palm Tree Holdings. Shear guides a roster of award-winning multiplatinum talent, including record-breaking international superstars Kygo, Gryffin, Sam Feldt, Thomas Jack, Frank Walker, Forester, and influential songwriters Dreamlab and Petey Martin. Under Shear’s guidance as manager and confidant since 2012, Kygo has landed dozens of multiplatinum certifications, garnering 15 billion streams and selling out successive world tours, becoming the first artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify. Together, Shear and Kygo co-founded Palm Tree Management and aligned with RCA Records in a joint venture for Palm Tree Records.



Born Timothy Z. Mosley, Timbaland is a  multiplatinum Grammy-winning super-producer and was recently named by Billboard as No. 3 on a list of the 50 greatest producers of the 21st century. He is the CEO of Mosley Music Group, a successful independent record label, selling over 25 million albums and 40 million singles. Timbaland is also the co-founder of the worldwide media phenomenon startup, Verzuz, with producer Swizz Beatz, where they have achieved multiple honors, including ASCAP’s Voice of the Culture Award. He is also the founder of the music creator platform Beatclub, the premier global marketplace for connecting the music creator community with record labels, music publishers, and independent artists.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas


Hollywood’s favorite couple are officially Miami locals, as they bought a home in Bay Point in early 2021. Joe Jonas is a singer, songwriter, and actor. Jonas rose to fame as a member of the iconic band, the Jonas Brothers, alongside his brothers, Kevin and Nick. Sophie (Turner) Jonas is an English actress that made her acting debut as Sansa Stark on the HBO epic fantasy television series, Game of Thrones, for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for  Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She is also a brand ambassador for the luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. The two married in 2019 and now have two daughters together.


Gil Dezer


An accomplished businessman and humanitarian, Gil Dezer is a real estate developer and one of the largest oceanfront property owners in Sunny Isles Beach. Dezer launched the Porsche Design Tower, a 60-story luxury tower, which introduced the Dezervator, a revolutionary automobile elevator lift system. He has launched marquee lifestyle brands, Residences by Armani/Casa and Hyde Midtown Suites and Residences, in exclusive partnerships with The Related Group. In 2021, Dezer announced plans for Bentley Residences, the world’s first Bentley Motors-branded luxury tower in Miami. Dezer is a proud supporter of local charities as he is one of the founders of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation, among others.

Katrina, Don, and Donahue, III Peebles


Don Peebles is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, a national real estate investment and development company with an $8 billion-dollar project portfolio and a pipeline spanning key markets in the nation.Donahue Peebles, III is the Executive Vice President of The Peebles Corporation and handles new acquisitions and business development, actively pursuing public and private real estate transactions for The Peebles Corporation. Katrina is responsible for the creative vision and direction of The Peebles Corporation’s design and marketing. In addition to her corporate role, Katrina currently sits on the board of directors for CARE Elementary School in Miami and is the Vice Chair of the New York City Mission Society.

Vlad Doronin 


Vlad Doronin is an international investor and real estate developer focused on luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality properties. As founder and CEO of leading real estate development firm, OKO Group, and owner, Chairman and CEO of the world’s most preeminent resort brand, Aman, Doronin’s global business portfolio spans the globe. OKO Group is currently developing several residential and commercial sites in Miami, including an Aman hotel and a limited number of Aman-branded residences on Miami Beach. With the launch of Janu, Aman’s sister hotel brand, Doronin continues to add value to the world’s most admired hospitality brand, with three new hotels in Tokyo, Montenegro, and AlUla in Saudi Arabia set to be completed in 2023.

Art Falcone 


Art Falcone is the co-founding managing principal of Encore Capital Management and Rescore Property Corp., which includes master-planned communities, apartment complexes, retail centers, condominiums, townhomes, and hotels. Falcone is also the founder and Managing Principal of Miami Worldcenter, a project in the heart of downtown Miami with more than 15 million square feet of mixed-use space. As CEO and Chairman of Falcone Group, a vertically-integrated real estate, and land development organization, Falcone established the company as an internationally recognized real estate corporation. Falcone has been a benefactor to various foundations and charities, including Crohn’s and Colitis National Foundation and SOS Children’s Village, among others.

Russell W. Galbut


Russell W. Galbut currently serves as the Managing Principal of Crescent Heights, Chairman of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., and Chairman of GFO Investments, a private wealth management firm focusing on real estate development and investments such as hospitality operations. Galbut and Crescent Heights, one of America’s largest and most respected developers of quality residential apartments and condominiums, have been at the helm of the urban mixed-use real estate sector for over three decades, garnering an esteemed reputation. Galbut values giving back to the community and serves on numerous charitable boards, including the board of trustees for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the advisory board for the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Joey Goldman & Jessica Goldman Srebnick


Power siblings Joey Goldman and Jessica Goldman Srebnick both sit on the board as Co-Chair of  Goldman Properties, a company that has revitalized numerous neighborhoods throughout the country, including Soho, Deep Ellum in Dallas, Miami Beach, and Wynwood. At a young age, Joey knew his career passion would follow his father’s (Tony Goldman) footsteps in real estate. Today, he continues to oversee acquisitions and the development of real estate for the company. Aside from Goldman Properties, Srebnick also serves as the Founder and CEO of Goldman Global Arts, an organization that brings artists and clients together, and the Lead Curator for the internationally acclaimed street art museum, Wynwood Walls.

Daniel Kodsi 


Throughout his career, Daniel Kodsi has been credited for changing skylines with his award-winning projects. Kodsi has been at the helm of Royal Palm Companies (RPC), and under his leadership, RPC has developed over $3.5 billion in completed projects with over $2 billion in the pipeline. Kodsi founded Participant Capital as the capital arm of Royal Palm Companies and a vehicle to empower individual investors to participate in ground-up construction projects. Kodsi has created several branded residences, including his own brands, the PARAMOUNT and Legacy Hotel and Residences. He recently completed the internationally renowned PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, which is the signature tower of the second largest master-planned urban project in the US.

Christy & David Martin


Christy and David Martin’s passion for making a difference in their native South Florida has greatly impacted the corporate and philanthropic sectors. As CEO of Terra, one of South Florida’s leading real estate development companies, David and his firm are known for transforming neighborhoods through strategic and unexpected design, and the firm’s thoughtfully curated portfolio is valued at more than $8 billion, elevating quality of life and innovating the urban and suburban landscape with a keen eye toward resiliency and sustainability. The Martins also play an integral role in the community by supporting charitable organizations, including Miami Children’s Health Foundation benefitting Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Vizcaya Museums and Gardens, the Bass Museum, and more.

Camilo Miguel Jr.


Camilo Miguel Jr. is the CEO of Mast Capital, overseeing the company’s investment strategy, risk management, and operations.  Under Miguel’s keen expertise, extensive network, and leadership, Mast Capital is a leading investor and developer of high-end for-sale residential, hospitality, office, and retail projects, focusing on high barriers-to-entry markets. Before founding Mast, Miguel was the Founder and President of Vertica Group and the Co-Founder of Clear Tile Group. A pillar of the Miami community, Miguel sits on the Board of Friends of the Underline, on the Real Estate Advisory Board at the University of Miami, and the Perez Art Museum Collectors Council.

Jorge Pérez, Jon Paul “JP” Pérez, and Nicholas Pérez 


Jorge Pérez is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Related Group and has been at the forefront of South Florida’s complex urban evolution for over four decades. Set to answer the demands and desires of a new generation, Jorge’s two sons are also actively involved in the family business. Jon Paul “JP” Pérez serves as President of Development at Related Group and is responsible for driving the company into the future. A market maker himself, Jon Paul has personally spearheaded Related’s recent entrance into Miami’s popular Wynwood neighborhood. Nicholas Pérez serves as a Senior Vice President at Related Group and is involved across all facets of the firm, including the condominium, international development, market-rate rental, and affordable housing divisions.

Robert Rivani


Robert Rivani is an American entrepreneur, retail entertainment innovator, real estate visionary, and the President of Black Lion Investment Group. Inspired by Miami’s high-energy lifestyle, Black Lion presently focuses on entertainment-focused endeavors for South Florida’s ever-expanding social scene. Through the company, Rivani has recently acquired the restaurant Amara at Paraiso, as well as Marea and Continuum — both high-profile restaurant spaces in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood — and a retail location at the SLS LUX tower, featuring the hot new restaurant Gekko, with famed restaurateur David Grutman. Rivani plans to invest another $100 million into South Florida in the next year as companies and individuals alike continue to relocate to the area from across the country.

Michael Shvo


Michael Shvo is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of SHVO, and a leading real estate owner, investor, and developer of unique and innovative luxury and landmark properties, overseeing a portfolio of more than $8 billion, including residential, hospitality, and commercial space. Shvo leads the firm’s investment and transaction strategy, capital markets, site selection, design, and conceptualization, as well as collaborations with world-renowned architects, designers, and fashion brands, including Peter Marino, Jean-Michel Gathy, and more. Shvo also pioneered the marriage of fashion and real estate with Armani Casa at 20 Pine Street. Shvo has a great passion for art, and in 2019, SHVO opened Les Lalanne at The Raleigh Hotel Gardens in Miami Beach.

Jeffrey Soffer

Jeffrey Soffer is the Chairman and CEO of Fontainebleau Development, one of the country’s premier real estate development groups specializing in large-scale lifestyle developments within the hospitality, retail, residential and commercial sectors. He has been dedicated to Fontainebleau Development’s growth for more than 25 years. Soffer led the $1 billion expansion and renovation of the company’s landmark Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The company’s portfolio also includes JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa, and Hilton Nashville Downtown. Soffer has created numerous South Florida residential landmarks, including Turnberry Ocean Colony, Porto Vita, Fontainebleau II, Fontainebleau III, Turnberry Village, and more.

Barry Sternlicht 


A pioneer of the real estate industry, Barry Sternlicht is a true trailblazer. Sternlicht is the Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group, the private alternative investment firm focused on global real estate, hotel management, oil and gas, and energy infrastructure. Sternlicht is also the Chairman of Starwood Property Trust, a leading diversified finance company. For the past three decades, Sternlicht has structured investments with an asset value of $235 billion+. In 2008,  Sternlicht founded SH Group, his new hotel management company that owns and manages Baccarat Hotels & Resorts and 1 Hotel brands. Sternlicht also serves on the Board of Directors of The Estée Lauder Companies and the Real Estate Roundtable.

Alirio Torrealba

Alirio Torrealba is the CEO of MG Developer, the developer behind Biltmore Square, among other high-end residential properties. As the most active developer in Coral Gables, he was named Business Leader of the Year by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce in 2022. A philanthropist at heart, Torrealba is a proponent of the arts and a donor to the city’s Art in Public Places Public Art program. He is on the Board of Directors for the Coral Gables Museum, and his charitable work extends to the Coral Gables Community Foundation, as well as raising awareness for FundaHigado.

Manny Angelo Varas

Manny Angelo Varas is the visionary builder behind some of the most stunning homes built for billionaires, celebrities, and business leaders. As the CEO and Founder of MV Group USA, Varas develops multi-million dollar, custom-built homes for an elite and private international clientele and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne, among others. Making international headlines, MV Group has elevated Miami’s profile as a destination home to the world’s most incredible private residences, recently selling a 9,000-square-foot home, Journey’s End, to the Bezos family. Varas is a state-licensed general contractor, roofing contractor, and real estate broker, as well as a LEED accredited professional, designated by the U.S Green Building Council.


DJ Khaled


DJ Khaled embodies an elevated level of musical greatness, entrepreneurial excellence, and cultural impact. As a Grammy award-winning multi-platinum artist, achieving dozens of multi-platinum and gold certifications, DJ Khaled is unstoppable. To date, he has moved 20 million singles and six million albums, garnering over four billion streams. His thirteenth full-length, self-titled album, Khaled Khaled, marks DJ Khaled’s third No. 1 Hot 200 album debut. He is the founder of We The Best Music Group, a record label, management, publishing, and production company, and in-demand studio. As a committed philanthropist, he founded the 501(c)3 organization The We The Best Foundation, supporting underserved communities.

Nick Arison 

Nick Arison has grown up with the Miami Heat; following the footsteps of his grandfather, Ted Arison, one of the team’s original founders, and his father, Micky Arison, Nick Arison is entering his 17th year as a full-time member of the Heat organization and his ninth as CEO. Under Arison’s leadership, the Heat has excelled on the court, as he was instrumental in the re-signing of Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem in 2010, as well as the acquisitions of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Mike Miller. Arison has evolved into the world of esports with the creation of HEAT Check Gaming, and serves on the Boards of the HEAT Charitable Fund, Project Medishare for Haiti, and The Buoniconti Fund.

Wayne Boich 

Wayne Michael Boich is the Chairman and CEO of the Boich Investment Group, leading all investment strategies in various industries, including real estate, mining, cannabis, telecommunications, financial services, and food & beverage. Boich Investment Group put on the largest padel tournament in US history with the Miami Padel Open, showcasing the best players from around the world and positively impacting the community by donating close to $2 million to local causes. Boich and his wife, Cynthia, are extremely active in their philanthropic endeavors, continuously supporting charities locally and nationally, including the University of Miami, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Women of Tomorrow, Ohio State University, After-School All-Stars, The Make-A-Wish® Foundation, and more.

Grant Cardone

The ultimate multi-hyphenate businessman, Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital, an international speaker, entrepreneur, author of The 10X Rule, and the creator of 21 best-selling business programs. Cardone also owns and operates seven privately held companies and a staggering $5.2 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. As one of the top marketers to watch, Cardone is also the founder of The 10X Movement and The 10X Growth Conference, the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world.

Arlene & Wayne Chaplin

Wayne Chaplin serves as the CEO of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the world’s pre-eminent distributor of beverage alcohol and a multi-generational, family-owned company. Chaplin is involved in various philanthropic activities, including long-time support of the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University, named after the Chaplin family. Arlene is a passionate community leader known for her support of many organizations, including the American Cancer Society, Miami City Ballet, Mount Sinai Hospital, Pérez Art Museum Miami, Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program, and many others. Mrs. Chaplin is also involved in developing community-bettering initiatives such YogArt, a unique outdoor yoga experience with live music, healthy food, and drinks.

Brett David 

Brett David is the CEO of Prestige Imports, the world-renowned automotive dealership whose portfolio spans from Lamborghini Miami and Pagani of Miami to its most recent addition of Czinger Miami. His latest venture, Prestige Marine, provides nautical luxury through factory partnerships with Pardo Yachts, Tecnomar for Lamborghini, Iguana Yachts, and most recently VanDutch America. As a Miami native, David is an avid supporter of his local community through his non-profit organization Ride2Revive, which provides supercar ride-alongs to children who suffer from terminal illnesses. Working with local hospitals like Joe-DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, David and Ride2Revive provide Miles of Smiles on the Road to Recovery.

William Dean

William Dean is the CEO of M.C. Dean, Inc., a global engineering and systems integration firm specializing in cyber-physical solutions for mission-critical facilities, secure environments, complex infrastructure, and global enterprises. Integral in the South Florida community, his signature projects include the Miami Convention Center and Port Miami tunnel, among others. He is also behind the renovation of the S.S. Kresge estate, Terra Veritatis, on the Indian Creek waterfront, which has hosted some of Miami’s highest-profile happenings, from the Alec Monopoly party during Art Basel to a Bugatti event during the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. His philanthropic endeavors include  Little Lighthouse Foundation, the Global Empowerment Mission, and the Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

Andrew DeFrancesco

Andrew DeFrancesco has become an industry thought leader with over 27 years of capital markets experience and a focus on private equity. He has played an integral role in several successes and turnarounds, including Jamba Juice in 2010 and the original American Apparel restructuring in 2011. DeFrancesco is the former Partner and Executive Director of Kahala Corp, which was sold to MTY Food Group Inc in 2016 for over $400 million. He was one of the pioneers of the cannabis sector, and is now actively exiting with a shift to EV and Green Tech. He also has significant experience in the energy sector having founded and served as Chairman for a number of companies such as Delavaco Energy Inc., APO Energy Inc., and P1 Energy Corp.

Rodrigo Garduño 

Rodrigo Garduño is a former professional soccer player turned founder of human transformation program 54D, a high-intensity, multidisciplinary transformative training program. Throughout the pandemic, Garduño hosted daily live streaming workouts, reaching, on average more than 30,000 devices connected to his IG Live sessions every day, as well as an estimated 150,000 additional users streaming the daily class videos. In July 2020, 54D launched a revolutionary online program, 54D ON, officially bringing the comprehensive training program to a global audience. Today, 54D has expanded with centers in Mexico, Colombia, Miami, Coral Gables, and later this year, New York City and Broward County.

Tom Garfinkel 

Tom Garfinkel is the Vice Chairman, President, and CEO of the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, and Managing Partner of the Formula 1 Crypto.Com Miami Grand Prix. Since his hire in 2013, Garfinkel has led the business turnaround of the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium through privately funding a more than $550 million renovation of the 27-year-old stadium. He has also led several forward-thinking initiatives, like hosting the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix at Hard Rock Stadium and securing the bid for the 2020 Super Bowl, 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship game and 2026 FIFA World Cup, among others. Garfinkel serves on the board of the Dolphins Challenge Cancer, the National Football Foundation, and the Sports Management Advisory Board.

Kenneth C. Griffin 

Kenneth C. Griffin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, a global alternative investment firm. He and his team also established Citadel Securities, one of the leading market makers in the world. Griffin has contributed more than $1.5 billion philanthropically, including catalytic giving to expand access to high-quality education at every level, advance medical research, reduce recidivism and violent crime, enhance public spaces, and to support our country’s cultural institutions. Griffin holds an A.B. in Economics from Harvard College and has served on several boards that reflect his commitment to driving upward mobility through economic and educational opportunities, and his passionate support for cultural institutions that enrich our lives and communities.

Thomas Kato 

Thomas Kato’s unparalleled entrepreneurship skills have helped shape his trailblazing career. Kato has commercial development properties, a worldwide trading company, Merchant Hub — a payment processing business — and the launch of his new brand, Rock 13 Tequila, on the horizon. Recently, the Harvard Business School alum has shifted his focus to the launch of Comet Cash, a multi-national protocol that converts crypto to fiat without currency risk to the consumer or merchants. Believing that blockchain will play an integral role in our financial future, he is also investing in a blockchain platform for electronic health records (EHR) to build a global, cross-cloud network where the data can be accessible in seconds. 

Marc Leder 

Marc Leder is the Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners, Inc., a leading global private investment firm he co-founded with Rodger Krouse. With many years of experience in leveraged buyouts, investment banking, and business operations, Leder co-directs all the firm’s global investment activities, approves all capital commitments, and oversees the firm’s operations jointly with Krouse. Under his guidance, Sun Capital has invested in more than 475+ companies worldwide with revenues in excess of $50 billion across a broad range of industries and transaction structures. Leder is a Member of the International Counsel for the Museum Berggruen and sits on the Board of the Institute of Contemporary Arts at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kevin O’Leary

After Kevin O’Leary’s extraordinary success at SoftKey Software Products, the technology company he founded that sold software geared toward family education and entertainment, O’Leary eventually found himself on television, quickly becoming a sought-after host and personality on a range of shows, including Discovery’s Project Earth, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and ABC’s Shark Tank. O’Leary has since launched O’Leary Funds, an investment fund company; O’Leary Fine Wines; and a best-selling book series on financial literacy. In 2014, he founded O’Leary Financial Group, a group of brands and services that share O’Leary’s guiding principles. O’Leary has also been an advocate of cryptocurrency, and is a strategic investor in the Vancouver-based decentralized finance platform WonderFi Technologies.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a serial entrepreneur and investor, continually seeking ways to innovate industries. Petrossov actively invests in innovative companies and has founded multiple startups. He is most known for founding JetSmarter, a technology company that makes shared and private flights accessible. Within 5 years he grew the business large scale, transporting over 200,000 passengers. In early 2019, JetSmarter was acquired by Vista Global Holding, the parent company of VistaJet and XOJET, in order to merge the companies and form the world’s largest air charter provider. When he is not flying around the globe, he resides in the South Florida area with his wife and two children

Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist, super angel investor, philanthropist, and an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. He is the Co-Founder and former Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One and a Co-Founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund that has invested in forward-thinking companies including Airbnb, Uber, GoPuff, Cue Health, Slack, Robinhood, Munchery, and Postmates. As an angel investor, Pishevar has seeded more than 60 companies. Pishevar has also been an advocate of the Startup Visa Act, which would create a new type of two-year visa available to immigrant entrepreneurs.

Jeff Ransdell

Jeff Ransdell is a founding partner and the managing director of Fuel Venture Capital, and CEO of Maquia Capital Acquisition Corp, a SPAC listed on Nasdaq in 2021 (NASDAQ: MAQC). Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Miami, Fuel VC boasts a portfolio of 31 technology startups based across the globe. With headquarters in Miami and Latin America, Maquia Capital Acquisition Corp is a $175 million special purpose acquisition corporation targeting tech-focused middle market and emerging growth businesses in North America. Ransdell is a frequent guest on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Television, TD Ameritrade, and Benzinga, and has been featured in notable publications for his “founder focused, investor driven” mindset.

Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts made sports history in his early career as the first person to take a sports management company public on NASDAQ with Triple ThreatEnterprises, followed by Worldwide Entertainment and Sports. He then pivoted to real estate, and within a few years, he completed over $2 billion in condominium conversions. He also co-founded Miami Worldcenter and is the co-founder and owner of Club E11EVEN, which launched E11EVEN Hotel and Residences and E11EVEN Beyond, garnering over $1 billion in sales. Charitable work is important to Roberts; in fact, in Alabama, June 5th is declared “Marc Roberts Day” in recognition of the largest single donation to Easter Seals for Alabama Special Camp for Children and Adults.

Drew Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus is the sports industry’s highest-grossing agent and owner of Miami-based sports agency, Rosenhaus Sports. Rosenhaus has negotiated over $7 billion of NFL contracts from the start of his career at 22 years old to the present day. He was the first sports agent to grace the cover of the iconic Sports Illustrated magazine, and became the youngest registered agent in the industry. He was recently featured on HBO’s Real Sports and Inside the NFL. Currently, Rosenhaus resides in Miami Beach with his wife and two daughters. He spearheads multiple philanthropic endeavors throughout South Florida, including his Drew Rosenhaus Youth Football and Fitness Camp.

Jean-François Sberro

Jean-François Sberro has been leading the rapid expansion of Hublot North America as its President for nearly a decade, placing the brand at the forefront of sports, fashion, art, and popular culture in the American and Canadian markets. Generating sustainable growth and boutique expansion for Hublot, 2022 is shaping up to be another record sales year for the brand, which has its US headquarters in Miami. Sberro remains committed to expanding the brand credentials of Hublot in North America, and this December will again host the annual ‘Hublot Loves Art’ Miami Art Basel party in celebration of the  2022 FIFA™ World Cup and Hublot’s long-standing art affinity.

David Steinberg

David Steinberg is the CEO and Chairman of Zeta Global, which he co-founded with John Sculley, the former Apple CEO and Pepsi President. Zeta’s platform and data empower many of the world’s largest consumer brands to acquire, grow, and retain their customers at a substantially lower cost, and has been recognized by Forrester as the No.1 Leader above all other marketing clouds. The company went public on the NYSE in June 2021. A lifelong founder of businesses, Steinberg has sold four companies, taken two public, and dedicated 30+ years to helping shape the technology and marketing ecosystems.

Sean Wolfington

Chairman of The Wolfington Companies, Sean Wolfington is a serial entrepreneur in technology, the automotive industry, marketing, and film, who built and sold twelve tech companies. Wolfington was recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young, and he received the Legacy Award from the National Council for Adoption in 2007, the President’s Service Award in 2008, and the Tony Bennett Exploring the Arts Award in 2012. In addition, he serves on the board of The Playing for Change Foundation and founded The Wolfington Charitable Foundation, which enables bright futures for at-risk children through sports, the arts, and wellness programs.

Bob Zangrillo

Over the last 25 years, Robert “Bob” Zangrillo has been a prominent figure in the tech industry, with significant roles as a Chairman, CEO, venture capital investor, active executive director, and advisor to high-growth companies. He is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dragon Global, one of the leading venture growth firms based on his investments in leading technology growth companies, including — but not limited to — Facebook, Twitter, and Uber Technologies. With a remarkable track record in venture capital, he is a pioneer in the venture growth investment sector, leading some of the largest primary and secondary investments in the field. Throughout the last several years, Zangrillo has diversified into commercial real estate development, leading investments in emerging neighborhoods in Miami.

Robert Zarco

Robert Zarco is the founding partner of the law firm Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., and has made an indelible mark on the community, clients, and the practice of Franchise Law on a National and International scale. For over 35 years, Zarco, commonly referred to as the ‘Franchise King,’ has been at the forefront of protecting the legal rights and interests of franchisees. Zarco was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers, Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America National Trial Lawyers Honor Society, and “Lawyer of the Year” in Franchise by Best Lawyers of America©, among others. Zarco is also an avid yachtsman, amateur chef, philanthropist, and community leader.


Philip Goldfarb

With over three decades of experience as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Hospitality Division of Fontainebleau, Philip Goldfarb oversees the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, JW Marriott Nashville, Hilton Nashville Downtown, and Fontainebleau Aviation. Goldfarb has been instrumental in numerous projects, including introducing new restaurant concepts and multi-million dollar renovations to various assets. As a distinguished graduate of Florida International University’s Chaplain School of Hospitality, Goldfarb held the esteemed position of Chair of the Dean’s Council. He was also recognized by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce with the “Excellence in Tourism Award.”

David & Isabela Grutman

A native Floridian, David Grutman founded Groot Hospitality in Miami, known for creating immersive experiential venues across a unique portfolio of restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightclubs, like restaurants like Gekkō, Komodo, Swan, The Key Club, and Papi Steak, and nightlife venues like LIV and Story. Grutman also founded The Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach alongside Pharrell Williams. His new project, Somewhere Else, will be Groot Hospitality’s first resort, arriving in 2024 on Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. His wife, Isabela Rangel Grutman, is a global philanthropist, clothing and jewelry designer, creative brand advisor, model, style influencer, and full-time mother. In 2022, Isabela launched her surname-eponymous clothing line, Rangel, and jewelry line, ISA.

John Kunkel

John Kunkel, the renowned restaurateur and founder of 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, continues to set the tone for the restaurant industry with an unrivaled acumen for innovation and game-changing culinary concepts. Through 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, Kunkel has built an empire of 16 thriving restaurants and five highly anticipated properties under development. Kunkle’s 50 Eggs Hospitality Group includes James Beard Foundation Award-nominated Yardbird, Latin-American concept, CHICA in collaboration with Celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia, and his newest concept is WAKUDA, a modern Japanese concept in collaboration with two Michelin Star Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, with locations in Singapore and Las Vegas.

Diego & Gisela Lowenstein

Diego Lowenstein has been part of his family’s international business interests for over 30 years. As the CEO of Lionstone, best known for The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach and The Ritz-Carlton, Bal Harbour, as well as signature developments including the EPIC Hotel & Residence, Lowenstein has led the 56-year-old family-entrepreneurial firm to new heights. In the past decade alone, Lionstone has entitled, converted, and developed over 3,000 hotel rooms and over 3.5 million square feet of real estate projects. In addition to his business ventures, Lowenstein is involved in various philanthropic and professional organizations. Gisela Lowenstein is an executive coach and trusted advisor specializing in family businesses.

Mathieu Massa

Mathieu Massa has been at the forefront of European-style luxury supper clubs in South Florida for over a decade. Following an impressive career within the culinary scene in Europe, Massa came to the United States with a mission to bring the European culinary and entertainment culture to Miami. With his 30+ years of combined experience in the food and beverage industry, plus a remarkable portfolio of real estate holdings and investments, Massa founded Mr. Hospitality, a fully-integrated hospitality management group that conceptualizes, owns, and operates acclaimed restaurants and five-star nightlife destinations in Miami. His world-renowned venues include Baoli, Marion, and El Tucán.

Keith & Evelyn Menin 

Keith Menin is a hospitality entrepreneur creatively innovating the industry. Menin’s rapidly expanding portfolio of acclaimed hotels, restaurants, and custom-designed luxury homes throughout the country has defined his career over the last 15 years in South Florida. After graduating from Cornell University, he joined forces with his cousin, Jared Galbut, to form Menin Hospitality, Miami-based hospitality and design firm behind successful restaurant and lounge brands like Bodega. Menin’s passion for luxury home design, combined with his dedicated Menin Homes design and development team, has led him to grow the business with over $200 Million in properties in the last five years. His wife, Evelyn Menin, is the director of interior design for the firm, creating incredible custom designs and furnishing layouts for interior design clients.

Lee Brian Schrager 

Lee Brian Schrager is the Senior Vice President, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility at Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, LLC. He is recognized for creating the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach and New York City Wine & Food Festivals, which have raised over $40 million for charity to date. As a true food and beverage connoisseur, Schrager is also the author of three esteemed cookbooks. In addition, he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Pérez Art Museum Miami and the Board of Directors for Food Bank For New York City, as well as a judge for Forbes’annual 30 Under 30 list and Celebrated Living’s annual Platinum List Awards.

Alex Pirez

Born and raised in South Florida, Alex Pirez is a serial entrepreneur with interests that span across multiple industries. Currently, Pirez upholds the role as the founder and CEO of Mocca Group, a South Florida luxury home and commercial development firm responsible for some of the city’s most impressive properties and world-class projects. In addition to founding Mocca Construction and Mocca Realty, Pirez is an investor in some of Miami’s most influential lifestyle and hospitality businesses and concepts, such as Billionaire Boys Club, Komodo, Swan, Key Club, Gekko, The Goodtime Hotel, and Major Food Group’s expansion in Miami, with ventures including Carbone, ZZ’s Club, Dirty French Steakhouse, and the soon-to-open Contessa in the Miami Design District.

Jeff Zalaznick

Visionary restaurateur Jeff Zalaznick has relentlessly forged a path in the hospitality industry, establishing the impenetrable powerhouse hospitality company, Major Food Group, alongside Co-Founders Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi. For the past decade,  Zalaznick has cemented his reputation as one of the world’s most accomplished and innovative restaurateurs, creating a range of concepts that have become icons and household names. The company now boasts a portfolio of more than 40 restaurants, private clubs, and hotels, from New York to Paris. A native New Yorker and graduate of Cornell University, Jeff currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Mario Carbone

Famed chef Mario Carbone started Major Food Group, or  MFG, alongside Jeff Zalaznick and Rich Torissi. In a little over a decade, he has become a powerhouse with over 40 highly acclaimed restaurants around the globe, including Carbone’s namesake concept, Carbone, which redefined the midcentury Italian restaurant for a new era. MFG has pioneered a celebratory style of dining, developed dynamic new concepts across genres, and maintained a reputation for uncommon consistency. Carbone has developed a special interest in creative direction — overseeing graphic design, curating music and wardrobe, selecting china and glassware, and the creation of his newest business ventures: Our Lady of Rocco and Carbone Fine Foods.

Romain Zago

Hospitality connoisseur Romain Zago has dominated Miami’s hospitality scene,  creating innovative boutique nightlife experiences that blend the striking elements of club culture, architecture, design, and fine dining into Miami Beach’s premier nightlife destinations at Mynt Lounge and Myn-tu. He recently made a career power move,  expanding the brand and venturing to Los Angeles to debut his latest supper club concept, MainRō, which opened its doors in early 2022. Prior to his hospitality career, Zago worked around the world as a top model for over eight years. Now with three highly-successful venues in Miami and Los Angeles, Zago has become a force to be reckoned with within the hospitality world with no signs of slowing down.


Michael Capponi

Michael Capponi is known as one of the key pioneers in shaping the popularity and growth of Miami Beach. Over the past 30 years, Capponi has been a leading force in the hospitality and entertainment industries and one of the most accomplished residential real estate developers in South Florida. After retiring from the private sector, Capponi now brings the skills of his prior endeavors to his philanthropic work in Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), an international organization disrupting the disaster sector through innovative, efficient, and modernized systems. Capponi has guided GEM to yield effective results, reaching hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries worldwide, and has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in supplies.

Kenneth & Kathryn Chenault 

Kenneth and Kathryn Chenault lead by example. An American business executive, Kenneth was the CEO and Chairman of American Express until 2018. He served on the board of directors at Airbnb and Facebook, and today, he is on the board of Berkshire Hathaway, replacing Bill Gates. He is the Chair of the Advisory Council for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and NCAA’s Board of Governors. Kathryn has devoted many years to supporting the arts, as well as educational and health care institutions. She serves on several board of directors, including The Hospital for Special Surgery and The Studio Museum in Harlem, among others. Together, they are founding donors to the Art for Justice Fund.

DJ Irie

As Miami’s most beloved DJ, DJ Irie serves as the official DJ to Jamie Foxx and the three-time NBA World Champion Miami Heat, and has performed at esteemed events like VH1’s Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam. DJ Irie is a philanthropic entrepreneur who has created the annual IRIE WEEKEND, which benefits the IRIE FOUNDATION & Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Irie has also profoundly impacted other charities close to his heart, like Make-A-Wish®, The Special Olympics, and the Udonis Haslem Foundation — to name a few. In 2022, the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce recognized Irie’s charitable contributions with the “Jan Pfeiffer Distinguished Service Award.”

Whitney Kroenke Silverstein

Whitney Kroenke Silverstein is an impact leader, producer, and philanthropist. As the Co-Founder of the Playing For Change Movement and Co-Founder and President of the Playing For Change Foundation, she aims to aid musicians and their communities across the globe. She has fostered the growth of the movement from a series of critically acclaimed documentaries into the Playing For Change Foundation 501(c)(3), 17 music and art schools across 14 countries, various global initiatives, and a prominent content channel with over one billion views. A longtime advocate and participant in the arts, Whitney holds a Bachelor of Speech in Theater from Northwestern University.

Al & Nancy Malnik 

Throughout his career, Al Malnik has been called a “visionary” and a “Renaissance man” — for good reason. From humble beginnings, he began his road to success as an attorney and evolved into a creative entrepreneur with success as a developer, financier, investor, restaurateur (founder of The Forge restaurant), and hotelier, just to name a few. As Lifetime Benefactors, Al and Nancy Malnik have been involved with Make-A-Wish® for 25 years, making an indelible mark on the Foundation. In addition, their contributions to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston through the Al and Nancy Malnik Family AML Research Fund have made significant breakthroughs possible in reducing acute myelogenous leukemia.

Shareef Malnik & Gabrielle Anwar 

Shareef Malnik and Gabrielle Anwar are true pillars in the Miami community. Malnik has been the Chairman of the Board Emeritus of Make-A-Wish® and Chairman of the InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball for 17 years running. Malnik hosts the InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball with his wife, Gabrielle Anwar who has helped raise millions of dollars for wishes in her own right. As a savvy entrepreneur, he is the Chairman and Co-Managing Partner of leading investment firm, Greyhawk Capital, CEO of Forge Legacy Investments, and Co-CEO of Sonrisa Rum. As an esteemed actor, writer, and filmmaker, Anwar has starred in over 45 film and television performances across Europe and the US, including her breakout film Scent of a Woman, alongside Al Pacino.

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning is the founder of Mourning Family Foundation (formerly known as Alonzo Mourning Charities), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation created to inspire others through advocacy, education, and enrichment services. Mourning opened the Overtown Youth Center in South Florida in 2003 to help inner-city youth and citizens. Through the leadership of his wife Tracy, Mourning supports the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, empowering young girls. Mourning has received numerous awards like the NBA’s J. Walter Kennedy Sportsmanship Award and The Children’s Trust Excellence Award for Public Policy, among others. After a successful 15-year NBA career, Mourning was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.

Anthony Shriver

Influenced by his family’s commitment to supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities, Anthony Kennedy Shriver founded Best Buddies International in 1989 to foster one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as down syndrome and autism. Today, Best Buddies® positively impacts more than one million individuals globally, with programs in all 50 states and 47 countries. Through Shriver’s stewardship, Best Buddies® has grown into a leading nonprofit with increasing international reach across six continents. Earlier this year, Shriver launched Best Buddies Living: Miami in partnership with the University of Miami to provide an integrated living experience for people with and without disabilities to live independently in a dynamic environment.

Barry & Missy Skolnick 

Barry Skolnick has built a thriving career in real estate while supporting his philanthropic endeavors. He is the President and CEO of BLS Asset Management and managing member of BLS Realty. After assuming the presidency of the Skolnick Family Charitable Trust, he followed his parent’s philanthropic interest in supporting scientific research. He is also a chairman of the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami and a co-chairman of the Police Relations Foundation. He serves on multiple boards, including the Make-A-Wish® Foundation in Southern Florida, the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County, and more. Skolnik is also an avid collector of fine art and cars.


Craig Robins & Jackie Soffer

Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer have mastered the art of innovation. Robins is the founder, CEO, and President of Darca Development and co-owner of Design Miami, with a focus on real estate development that has a transformative effect on communities and business sectors, including the Miami Design District (MDD). The MDD inspired the creation of Design Miami/ and Design Miami/ Basel, design fairs in partnership with Art Basel, MCH Swiss Exhibition. Soffer is the Chairman and CEO of Turnberry, the dynamic real estate company behind the 800-key hotel connected to the Miami Beach Convention Center, currently being developed in partnership with the Terra Group and Aventura Mall. Both are avid art collectors and integrate culture into their projects.

Marc & Jennifer Bell

Marc and Jennifer Bell are serial entrepreneurs whose success spans over 30 years and five unicorns. Marc is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of pioneering aerospace and defense satellite manufacturer Terran Orbital. Marc also produced two Tony Award-winning Broadway shows: Jersey Boys and August Osage County. In addition, he co-founded mortgage powerhouse Armour Residential REIT. Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of Bell Beachwear, a swimwear and resort brand dedicated to empowering women as she designs for all body types and budgets. Together, Marc and Jennifer are involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives; Marc is a member of many non-profit boards, including New York University, NYU Langone Health, and SOS Children’s Villages Florida.

Louis & Angela Birdman

Louis and Angela Birdman’s mission is to make a positive impact on their community while transforming Miami’s skyline. As the founder of Birdman Real Estate Development and the 1000 Group, Louis has designed and developed projects for the last three decades. Most recently, he completed one of Miami’s most iconic residential buildings, One Thousand Museum, designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid. The Birdmans are active community members and have served as chairs of JCS 2021 Milk and Honey, among others. Angela founded Walk In Style for the Animals and is on several boards, including Big Dog Ranch Rescue and the Miami Summer Music Festival, and  has volunteered for decades as a godparent at JAFCO.

Ugo & Sara Colombo

Veteran real estate developer Ugo Colombo has played a pioneering role in the transformation of Downtown Miami’s skyline over the last 20 years. Ugo and his firm, CMC Group, have developed some of the most iconic luxury properties in South Florida — including Brickell Flatiron, the firm’s latest condominium tower on the rise in the Downtown Brickell Financial District, as well as the multi-story expansion of The Collection in Coral Gables, that includes a new 500,000 square-foot Jaguar Land Rover dealership. His wife Sara’s interior design shop, Nest, specializes in high-style products for the home presented with a European flair reflective of her innate sense of style.

Edgardo & Ana Cristina Defortuna

Fortune International Group President and CEO Edgardo Defortuna founded the company in 1983, and in 1998 he and his wife, Ana Cristina, launched their luxury-development division. Today, Fortune is a leading Miami-based full-service real estate firm recognized throughout South Florida, Latin America, and Europe as an industry trailblazer in high-end luxury real estate. With 20 offices worldwide and over 1000 agents, Fortune’s portfolio has evolved to encompass stellar developments, including Jade Residences at Brickell Bay, Jade Beach, Jade Ocean, Auberge Beach Residences & Spa Fort Lauderdale, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sunny Isles Beach, Jade Signature, and most recently, The Ritz-Carlton Residences Pompano Beach, The St. Regis Residences, Sunny Isles Beach and Nexo Residences.

Emilio & Gloria Estefan

Gloria and Emilio Estefan are the ultimate entertainment power couple. She’s an international superstar who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and, together with her husband, Emilio, has won 26 Grammy awards. Emilio is a musician and producer behind the success of many famed music artists, as well as an entrepreneur, owning and operating seven restaurants, two hotels, and an internationally recognized publishing company. They’ve been inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom–the first time in history the honor was bestowed upon a couple. The duo is also actively involved in the betterment of their community through the Gloria Estefan Foundation.

Luis Garcia-Fanjul & Judith Kamps-Garcia 

Luis Garcia-Fanjul is the COO of Grupo IUSA, S.A., a worldwide company boasting more than $8 billion in annual revenues and employing over 25,000 people. They specialize in the electrical manufacturing sector, fabricating more than 6,000 different products. The company is also a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing smart electrical, water, and gas metering systems. Garcia-Fanjul’s wife, Judith Kamps-Garcia, devotes her time to her family’s foundation, Brot gegen Not, a global organization with a mission to provide a future for children and adolescents everywhere who suffer from the effects of hunger, poverty, and unemployment. Kamps-Garcia brought Brot gegen Not to Miami in 2018.

Phillip and Patricia Frost 

Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost are generous supporters of education, science, and the arts and are renowned collectors. They endowed the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and were the lead donors for the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University. They also serve as the lead donors of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. As a result of a transformative $100 million gift, the Frost Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Science (FICMS) is the first one within a group of synergistic research institutes to be coordinated under the umbrella of the Frost Institutes for Science and Engineering at the University of Miami.

Josh & Marjorie Harris

Josh Harris is an investor, business leader, philanthropist, and the founder of 26North, a recently launched next-generation, multi-asset class alternatives platform that invests across a variety of strategies, including private equity, credit and insurance, and reinsurance solutions. Harris co-founded Apollo Global Management, the world’s second-largest alternatives, and largest alternative credit manager. Harris is also the founder and Managing General Partner of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and the Managing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers. With his wife Majorie, Harris founded Harris Philanthropies which, among other things, supports programs that use the power of sports, enhanced wellness and education to positively impact communities in need. Marjorie is also the Chair of the Sixers Youth Foundation.

Eddie & Kinga Lampert

Edward Lampert is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of ESL Investments. Since 1988, ESL Investments has managed funds that have made major, long-term investments in companies that include Autonation, Autozone, Lands’ End, Kmart, and Sears Holdings. Kinga serves as Co-Chair of the board of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the largest private foundation worldwide supporting breast cancer research. Together, they founded the Lampert Foundation in 2006, an organization with an emphasis on free markets, individual liberty, education, and health care. Locally in Miami, they are active supporters of Miami City Ballet, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Bass Museum, Breakthrough Miami, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Fairchild Garden, and Best Buddies.

Brent Saunders & Daniela Botero 

Power couple Brent Saunders and Daniela Botero are no strangers to the health and beauty industries. Saunders has been at the helm of the health and pharmaceutical industry for many years, as he is currently the Executive Chairman of The Beauty Health Company, and prior to that, was Co-Founder and Chairman of Vesper Healthcare Acquisitions Corp., a specialty purpose acquisition company. He is also the former Chairman, President and CEO of Allergan, having previously served as CEO and President of Forest Laboratories, Inc., prior to its acquisition. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Daniela Botero is a model and actress, taking on notable roles in Fearless Heartand “Run Coyote Run, among others. She is also set to launch a new organic skincare line, Identity Beauty.

Michael & Nikki Simkins

Michael Simkins is the owner of E11EVEN Partners, the company behind the high-profile E11EVEN Miami nightclub (as well as the E11EVENHotel, E11EVEN Vodka, E11EVEN Crypto, and E11EVEN Sound, an audio equipment venture). Simkins has evolved the company beyond a hospitality firm into a lifestyle brand. He is also the President and CEO of Lion Development Group. Nikki Simkins is the CEO of E11EVEN Vodka, where she is the visionary behind the brand, creating a product that embodies the spirit of Miami. With deep South Florida roots, the Simkins family is highly respected for supporting collaborative, community-based projects that drive sustainable economic growth and bring global visibility to the region.

John O. Utendahl & Radmila Lolly

John Utendahl and Radmila Lolly are integral members of the Miami community. Today, Utendahl is Chairman of Global Corporate and Investment Bank and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Bank of America. Prior to his current position, Utendahl had quite an impressive career as the owner of the Utendahl Group — one of the largest African American-owned investment banking groups in the United States — as well as the Vice Chairman at Deutsche Bank Americas. Lolly, the ultimate entertainment multi-hyphenate and tastemaker, is a singer, composer, and the sole designer and owner of her couture fashion house Eltara Casata by Radmila Lolly. Her music has charted on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs, and her stunning designs have been seen on celebrities like Bebe Rexha, Gayle King, and more.

Devon Windsor & Jonathan Barbara

Perhaps Miami’s most stylish couple, Devon Windsor and Jonathan Barbara are a fashion dream team. A renowned international supermodel, Windsor has graced the runways of Fendi, Tom Ford, and Chanel, among others, and has appeared in top fashion publications. She then catapulted her wildly successful modeling career into starting her namesake swimwear line, Devon Windsor. Barbara is also in the fashion industry, as the CEO and Art Director of the contemporary fashion label Alexis, which just opened a new storefront in the Miami Design District. The two recently added “parent” to their impressive list of accolades as they welcomed their first child in 2021, Enzo Elodie Barbara.  

Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee 

Caroline Wozniacki is a former No.1 world-ranked female tennis player with 30 WTA titles under her belt. As one of the most influential women in international sports, Wozniacki has covered ESPN Magazine’s 2017 Body Issue and 2018 World Fame 100 Issue. After retiring in 2020, Wozniacki started the #AdvantageHers campaign to help spread awareness surrounding Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease she lives with daily. Wozniacki is married to NBA World Champion David Lee, who won a championship in 2015 with the Golden State Warriors. He is also a two-time All-Star. Lee splits his time in the U.S. between New York and Miami’s Fisher Island with Wozniacki and their new daughter, Olivia.


Megan Kaspar

Megan Kaspar is a technology investor, fashion-tech entrepreneur, and cultural pioneer. She is a founding member of Red DAO, the world’s first digital fashion-focused DAO investing in emerging opportunities from dematerialized fashion and apparel trends powered by blockchain technology. She is a co-founder and Managing Director at FirstLight, a privately held digital asset, blockchain agnostic investment, and incubation firm. She actively advises projects and brands to assist in implementing blockchain-based augmented reality, artificial intelligence-generated digital fashion, and phygital products embedded with NFC-chip-enabling Wear 2 Earn activations and compensation mechanisms. She was the first person to wear NFT digital fashion on live broadcast TV during a Yahoo! Finance segment.

John H. Ruiz

Billionaire, entrepreneur, attorney, and businessman John H. Ruiz is the Founder and CEO of MSP Recovery/LifeWallet—responsible for taking the nation’s leading healthcare data-tech company (MSPR) public with a value of $32.6 Billion. He’s the architect behind the business and IT platforms, and also leads the legal recovery strategy. Nationally recognized as one of America’s preeminent trial lawyers, Ruiz is honored annually as one of the lawyers of Distinction’s Power Lawyers and has been named DBR’s “Florida Trailblazer.” He owns Cigarette Racing Team, the legendary performance boat manufacturer, and was recently dubbed “The NIL King” by ESPN for innovating NIL strategies to successfully promote MSP’s LifeWallet platform.

Keith Rabois

Keith Rabois has an unparalleled track record as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor. He is a general partner at Founders Fund, and led the first institutional investments in DoorDash, Affirm, and co-founded Opendoor. Over the last decade, he has forged several of the most important new social and commerce platforms. He began his career in the industry as a senior executive at PayPal and held influential roles at LinkedIn and Square. As a board member, Rabois guided Yelp and Xoom to successful initial public offerings, and has also invested in other like-minded entrepreneurs with early stakes in YouTube, Airbnb, and more. He currently serves as CEO of OpenStore, which acquires small direct-to-consumer businesses.

Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Francis X. Suarez is the 43rd Mayor of Miami and the first mayor born in the city. Committed to building an inclusive Miami that lasts forever, Mayor Suarez has implemented the integration of climate adaptive policies, Web 3.0 technology, and a free-market approach to all facets of government as part of his Miami Forever Agenda. Mayor Suarez introduced affordable housing reforms — Miami For-Everyone — that leverage federal opportunity zones with the activation of underutilized land to the supply and overall access to affordable housing. Mayor Suarez has championed the development of Miami’s tech economy through Venture Miami, along with initiatives that connect education and job training to Miami’s new emerging economic sectors, such as Fintech, Medtech, and Greentech.

Peter Thiel

Peter Andreas Thiel is a tech power player dominating the Miami scene. As an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and political activist, Thiel has been involved in several revolutionary companies. He is the Co-Founder of PayPal, the Founder of Clarium Capital, a global macro hedge fund, and the Co-Founder of Palantir Technologies, a big data analysis company — to name a noteworthy few.  In 2005, he launched Founders Fund with PayPal partners Ken Howery and Luke Nosek. Thiel was also the first outside investor in Facebook when he acquired a 10.2% stake for $500,000 in 2004. Thiel gives back to the community through the Thiel Foundation, where he governs grant-making bodies and funds nonprofit research into artificial intelligence, life extension, and seasteading.

Credit: Haute Living